Black Hair Sound (Real Reid & Kapsoul)
Inner Wave
Pablo Sotelo on vocals.Jean Pierre Narvaez on bass/vox.Elijah Trujillo on Guitars/keys.Luis Portillo on drums. I met these young papis through the homegirl Annie (what up Annie!) These niggas been playing with each other since they were like hella young..hella young like 13 and shit..they played BANANAS a bunch they played these events we used to do in mid city called bananas 42..they’ve played my b day like 3 years inna row ..I ride for INNER WAVE till the death...with songs ranging the landscape of what indie rock is suppose to do and beyond ..let’s like what i liked about the strokes ..but with swaggy Hispanic niggas and like some math rock and jazz vibes ...then wit the drum machine shit they be doin to ..they just got the juice ..when you see the power of there fan based you will be throughly astonished...and the dope thing about going to one of the there shows is the sense of community you feel because they been putting in work so hard reflects in the people that come out ...and hella fine black and Hispanic girls be up at they shows all litty ..these niggas dead ass is on some Mars Volta type level of ladies at they functions ...but that’s besides the point l,they are incredible musicians and handsome young niggas (Denzel voice).